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This Wiki is dedicated to Monster Frontier (Originally derived from Monster Maestro), an iTunes Store/Play Store Application Game, where you will find useful information on the game!
All Information is cataloged by players for players and has no direct contact with the developers of Monster Frontier.
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  • The "Gallery" in your menu in-game will show you base stats, even if you enhanced your monster.
  • To take a picture on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, hold down the home key and press the power button once. The screen will flash white and the screenshot can be found in your photo gallery.
  • Use the Forum as an alternative to the in-game message boards.
  • Learn basic wiki code! Don't go in and try to figure out coding on the spot. If you have to, use another article's source code as reference.
  • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can contact admins jianmingyong's Message Walls or any of the Top Contributors here.
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