Collect more than 700 monsters, Enhance and Evolve Will produce a "monster ultimate evolution"!
There are many colorful quest! Bonus Quest [ Area remains ] and Can experience the exhilarating quest!



More than 700 kinds of colorful monsters! Let's make the strongest deck in you!

More Than 700 Cards
Monster frontier have more than a whopping 700 Monsters!

For information on how to get the monster variety. You will need to get the new monsters from the treasure chest in the quest, turn the Gacha! Some of the cards are only available through events!

Get the Ultimate ultimate evolution monsters!

Evolve Monsters
There are even more powerful monsters when evolve or trivolve in the monster frontier!

By fulfilling the specified condition, you can trivolve the monster into a more powerful monster.

Battling with monsters!

Battle Player Vs Player
10 Monsters can participate in battle! Let's build the strongest deck!

Some of those monsters have a specialty. It boost your attack depending on the skill.

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